It was in the 1970s that Dr. Dave penned his first book, titled FULL CIRCLE.  As one would think, it was about the church he started with the same name.  At the time he began working on the book he was advised by a friend that he was writing it too soon – and, as it turns out, the criticism was justified!  Though, as Dr. Mains says, “It probably could have been better,” it ended up being used in several Seminaries as a guide to starting a new church.

When they finally put CHAPEL ON THE AIR to rest, both David and Karen wanted to stay involved in the ministry.  As a result, MAINSTAY MINISTRIES was born.  Having been named by son Randall, at first is was a publishing house, and has since expanded into several other branches.  One of its more successful, and beneficial programs, was the Advent Series created to help pastors with sermons during the Christmas Season.  This aspect of MAINSTAY MINISTRIES was taken over by Randall, who continues to do great things with it.

One of the ministries that Karen dedicated to herself to is GLOBAL BAGS, an organization that helps destitute women in Kenya, Africa set up micro-businesses where they can make, and then sell, various cloth bags in order to support their families.

Due to his extensive experience and expertise, David has implemented several programs geared at assisting pastors.  One of these is Sermon Coach, where he would create “Sermon Starters” that would assist pastors with, well, getting their sermons started.  It included a sermon outline, and a suggestion as how to get the sermon rolling.

Another program he carries on is SOUND BYTES.  Through his efforts here he provides tidbits of information about what is going on in the world, either nationally or internationally, and give suggestions as to how these can be incorporated into a weekly sermon.  David maintains that utilizing the “Sound Bytes” helps people to understand that they do, in fact, live in the “real world,” even though they are Christians!  He does two of these per week, but posts them both on Tuesday to give pastors ample time to work them into their Sunday sermon!  If you check his postings on Tuesday you will also find his Tip for Pastors that he puts there each week.

One of the more successful ministry programs the Mains created they worked on together – and that is their co-authored, TALES OF THE KINGDOM Trilogy, As winners of two of the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association Gold Medallion Awards in the Children’s Book Category, they have assisted many parents and grandparents in teaching the important characteristics of life so often overlooked today – – honest; courage, hard work and so on.  The fodder for the books was actually developed as material for a series of sermons on “The Kingdom.”  David noticed that the messages really gripped his congregation, possibly because of a somewhat interesting, and today little known, fact:  For many years, anyone who talked about the Kingdom was considered a “liberal,” while “conservatives” did not speak about the Kingdom. Working as a team, they forged the TALES OF THE KINGDOM Trilogy.  David would do the sermon, and then Karen would transform it into a short story that was written as an allegory for children.

The possibility of the books becoming “marketable’ came about because of Karen’s success with an earlier book, OPEN HEART, OPEN HOME.  She had teamed with DAVID COOK PUBLISHING to sell over a million copies, and when they asked for another book she sent over TALES OF THE KINGDOM.

It also did well, and they won a Gold Medallion.  When it was completed, they sent over the second book in the trilogy, TALES OF THE RESISTENCE.  Like the first book, it did well and also won a Gold Medallion!  When they sent the third book over, DAVID COOK decided to have a different artist do the artwork and, by fixing something that wasn’t broke, there decision ended up with no third Gold Medallion being awarded.

The whole family, of course, was excited about the trilogy’s success.  Recently, their youngest son, Jeremy, who had traveled both in South America and China, realized that the books needed to be redone, at least the artwork!, so that it would be more multi-cultural than the way the first books were produced.  An artist himself, he intended to make the necessary changes to have the books ready to be reproduced.

Unfortunately, Jeremy would never live to see the transformation that he had suggested and had intended to implement.  In November of 2013, Jeremy went home to be with the Lord.  Agreeing with their son’s thoughts that the books’ artwork should be made more multi-cultural, David and Karen undertook a program in 2014 that would ensure that Jeremy’s dream would be fulfilled!  As a result, as they celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the TALES OF THE KINGDOM, they are producing the new finished product to market sooner rather than later!

While many parts of David Mains’ life may seem “magical,” he knows that while the things that have happened to him may have been “supernatural,” it was not the results of “hocus pocus,” but rather the results of the Holy Spirit!